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Keeping in view with the latest trend of fashions different designs of ladies wear are manufactures to fit all seasons. our ladies clothes are stylish, colorful and comfortable to fit beautiful ladies in different shape and sizes. our ladies wear include, woolen sweaters, woolen jackets, silk skirts, cotton skirts, cotton tops, cotton shirts, knitted jackets , cotton blouse etc.




We manufacture different type of clothes & fashion accessories with various designs to meet our valued customers demand according to the different seasons. for winter we have colorful, hand woven sweaters to warms gloves and soft mufflers and woolen caps. we manufactures winter wears like woolen jackets, woolen sweaters, woolen gloves, woolen caps, which are fully hand woven. our products are purely nepalese handmade items.




For summer seasons, little kathmandu  manufacture and export light cotton clothes s with unique styles and designs. summer wear ranges from cotton shirts, embroidered designs vest tops with different sizes and free style shirts and half pants. our main products are cotton shirts, cotton t-shirts, cotton skirts, cotton pants and half pants as well as garment accessories.

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